Player College Recruitment Films

Want to play at the next level? Then you need a player recruit video. It is one of the first things a college coach will ask for. Whether it's a big NCAA Division 1 school or small Division III institution, every coach wants to see film. It makes their job of evaluating talent that much easier. 

Creating a player recruit video doesn't mean you will get a scholarship, but what it does mean is that you are serious about pursuing a career at the collegiate level! 

Our job is to present you in the best light possible. We aren't a recruiting service. We don't rank players or contact coaches for you. We make videos, give you some advice, tips, and tricks, then leave the rest to you. In today's world, it is very feasible to market yourself across the country without spending a small fortune.    

The recruit videos we produce are packed with information and video, but edited down to a managable 4-8 minute final profile.  Our style is both unique and effective to a college coach who has a limited amount of time available.

We want to show a college coach what they want to see and they certainly aren't interested in cheesy graphics or over-the-top music. They need to be able to evaluate your ablity as an athlete as quick as possible. 



1. Game Video (*IF AVAILABLE, provided by the athlete with highlights pre-selected)

2. Statistics Screen (stats, honors, contact info)

3. Graphics / Music (custom graphics, instrumental music that's non intrusive) 

4. YouTube Upload (email your video to any coach in the country)



1. Workout Session / Skill Demonstration (show a more up-close-and-personal perspective with a practice session. Run through various drills to highlight particular skill sets. This may also include weight training or a workout routine.)

2. Interview Session (a real sit-down interview that is natural and not scripted. It allows the athlete to get on a more personal level so that a prospective college coach can see "the real you" and how you carry yourself. Your current high school or club coach, trainer, or mentor will also be interviewed to speak on your behalf. This segment will be edited into the video appropriately so that it dosn't detract, but instead enhances your player profile.)  

3. Game Film (if you don't have game video available from your team, we can schedule games to be filmed by a member of our crew.)


- Contact us today so we can get started working on your player recruit video.  Do not wait until it's too late. You video needs to go out ASAP if you plan on having a chance at earning a college scholarship. Shoot an email to and let's talk about your future!