TV's Alford Headlines East District Football Awards

TV's Alford Headlines East District Football Awards

Tri-Valley's defense dominated on its way to a fourth consective MVL championship in 2014. The 4th ranked Dawgs led all of Ohio in points allowed with 34 through 10 games. A lot of that success can be attributed to the big guys up front, with senior Johnny Alford leading the charge.

Tuesday night Alford was recognized for his intimidating presence and outstanding play by being awarded the East District Defensive Player of the Year in Division III. Alford was among six of his Scottie teammates to earn first team honors on defense and offense (Brock Fargus, Dylan Miller, Hunter Polk, Daniel Scott, Johnny Alford, Hunter Mohler).

Elsewhere, Zanesvile had six players named to the first team in Division II (Coulter Wilson, Mac Masterson, Jeremiah Jones, Leondre Crosby, Alessio Amato, Olajuwon Pettiford); Maysville six first team picks in Division IV (Nik Smith, Alec Shook, Tahlor Macenko, Seth Ayers, Cougar Clarke, Nate Vallee); John Glenn two first team picks in Division IV (Ryan Halasi, Tanner Morton); and Philo one first team selection (Jacob Skinner)

The All-East District teams and player selection was completed by a media panel of sports writers in the district. Note; There are no Division I teams, and only one Division II team.

Listed below are the complete lists for the 2014 All-East District teams Divisions I-VII



First Team

OFFENSE: Linemen— Coulter Wilson, Zanesville, 6-5, 300, jr.; Mac Masterson, Zanesville, 6-3, 225, sr. Back— Jeremiah Jones, Zanesville, 5-11, 185, sr.

DEFENSE: Linebacker— Leondre Crosby, Zanesville, 6-0, 220, jr. Backs— Alessio Amato, Zanesville, 5-9, 175, jr.; Olajuwon Pettiford, Zanesville, 5-7, 155, sr.


First Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks— Merrick Mamarella, Dover, 6-0, 190, sr.; Brock Fargus, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-2, 185, sr. Backs— Luke Ogi, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-1, 215, sr.; Moe Lathan, Cambridge, 5-10, 180, sr.; Wyatt Angel, New Philadelphia, 5-10, 165, sr. Ends— Cory Contini, Dover, 6-1, 170, sr.; Logan Geib, New Philadelphia, 6-0, 195, sr.; Caleb Pasiuk, Carrollton, 6-2, 180, sr.; Errik Snell, Cambridge, 5-10, 170, sr. Linemen— Anthony Miceli, Dover, 5-11, 230, sr.; Jake Reidenbach, New Philadelphia, 6-0, 235, sr.; Dylan Miller, Dresden Tri-Valley, 5-11, 265, sr.; Hunter Polk, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-4, 257, jr.; Brock Cline, Cambridge, 6-0, 260, sr. Kicker— Anthony D'Egidio, Dover, 5-11, 165, sr.; Logan Gallion, Millersburg West Holmes, 5-9, 150, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen— Brody Robinson, Carrollton, 6-2, 235, jr.; Jake Armstrong, Dover, 6-4, 200, sr.; Johnny Alford, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-2, 267, sr. Linebackers— Corey Bambeck, Dover, 5-8, 185, sr.; Alex Bowman, Dover, 5-11, 200, sr.; Blake Burgess, New Philadelphia, 5-9, 185, sr.; Daniel Scott, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-0, 205, sr. Backs— Hunter Mohler, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-2, 200, sr.; Riley Hayhurst, Cambridge, 6-0, 170, sr. Punter— Kyle Abel, Dover, 6-4, 180, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Cory Contini, Dover.

Defensive player of the year: Johnny Alford, Dresden Tri-Valley.

Coach of the year: Matt Dennison, New Philadelphia.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks_Zade Deitz, Carrollton, 5-11, 180, sr.; Logan Bitikofer, New Philadelphia, 6-3, 185, soph. Backs_Tyler Dodd, Carrollton, 5-11, 240, sr.; Garrett Ervin, Millersburg West Holmes, 5-10, 190, soph.; Logan Bash, Dresden Tri-Valley, 5-9, 186, sr. Ends_Evan Snyder, Dover, 5-10, 150, sr.; Austin Laughlin, Dover, 6-3, 170, sr.; Jeff Virden, New Philadelphia, 6-1, 215, sr.; Colin Slaboden, Dresden Tri-Valley, 5-11, 176, soph. Linemen_Danny Keffer, New Philadelphia, 6-4, 295, sr.; Tyler Huffman, Cambridge, 6-1, 180, sr. Kicker_Adam Fox, Cambridge, 5-10, 150, jr.

DEFENSE: Linemen_Cameron Little, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-1, 265, sr.; Grant Nolder, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-1, 187, jr. Linebackers_Garth Charlton, Cambridge, 6-0, 190, soph.; Boston Waltz, New Philadelphia, 5-11, 200, sr.; Jordan Doughty, Dover, 6-1, 215, sr.; Blake Bollon, New Philadelphia, 6-1, 180, soph. Backs_Conner Roach, Millersburg West Holmes, 6-0, 160, soph.; C.J. Ecleberry, Dresden Tri-Valley, 6-2, 215, sr.

Special Mention

Josh Lewis, Cambridge; Trenton Leggett, Carrollton; Daniel Leary, Carrollton; Tyler Patton, Dover; Brandon Myers, Dover; Javen Carter, Dover; Logan Ford, New Philadelphia; Blake Burrell, New Philadelphia; Tyler Carter, New Philadelphia; Kyle Cunningham, New Philadelphia; Dakota Drescher, New Philadelphia; Trenton Bridenthal, Millersburg West Holmes; Michael Workman, Millersburg West Holmes.


First Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks_Dalton Wiggins, Byesville Meadowbrook, 6-1, 180, jr.; Dimitri Collaros, Steubenville, 5-9, 155, jr. Backs_Jake Davis, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-10, 225, sr.; Dalton Hartshorn, Minerva, 5-9, 180, sr.; Robert Johnston, Lisbon Beaver, 5-10, 150, jr.; Keaton Herron, Uhrichsville Claymont, 6-0, 186, sr.; Johnnie Blue, Steubenville, 6-0, 205, jr. Ends_Ross Love, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-10, 160, jr.; Lucas Herrington, Steubenville, 6-1, 160, sr.; Jacob Quinn, Byesville Meadowbrook, 6-3, 210, sr.; Ryan Halasi, New Concord John Glenn, 5-10, 150, sr. Linemen_Brandon Anderson, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-11, 245, sr.; Wylie Brown, Minerva, 6-4, 240, sr.; Brock Weber, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 6-1, 270, sr.; Nik Smith, Zanesville Maysville, 6-2, 245, jr.; Alec Shook, Zanesville Maysville, 5-9, 235, sr.; William Poplowski, Steubenville, 6-2, 260, jr.; Josh Sills, Byesville Meadowbrook, 6-3, 305, jr.

DEFENSE: Linemen_Luke Carroll, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-0, 215, sr.; Tahlor Macenko, Zanesville Maysville, 6-3, 200, jr.; Jacob Skinner, Philo, 5-10, 215, jr.; Branden Jones, Steubenville, 5-11, 190, sr. Linebackers_Ma'Lik Richmond, Steubenville, 6-4, 235, sr.; Tanner Morton, New Concord John Glenn, 5-9, 200, sr.; Lucas Van Meter, Minerva, 5-10, 180, sr.; Kyle Contini, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-9, 210, sr.; Zach Connor, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-0, 220, sr.; Seth Ayres, Zanesville Maysville, 5-11, 185, sr. Backs_Couger Clarke, Zanesville Maysville, 5-10, 165, sr.; Caden McGuire, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 6-2, 175, sr.; Chase Hilliard, Lisbon Beaver, 6-1, 185, sr.; Dylan Wood, Byesville Meadowbrook, 5-7, 153, sr. Punter_Nate Vallee, Zanesville Maysville, 5-8, 140, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Jake Davis, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley.

Defensive player of the year: Ma'Lik Richmond, Steubenville.

Coach of the year: Andrew Connor, Wintersville Indian Creek.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks_Matthew Stewart, New Concord John Glenn, 5-10, 140, soph.; Jacob Miller, Zanesville Maysville, 6-3, 190, sr. Backs_Trevor Stevens, Byesville Meadowbrook, 5-10, 175, soph.; Caleb Gaiters, New Concord John Glenn, 5-9, 175, sr.; Ethan Shannon, Richmond Edison, 5-8, 180, sr.; Blake Wilson, Zanesville Maysville, 5-9, 150, sr.; Cody Wickham, Philo, 5-9, 165, jr. Ends_Kaden Jones, New Concord John Glenn, 5-9, 165, sr.; Carter Andreozzi, Richmond Edison, 5-7, 170, sr.; Wyatt Harrop, Philo, 5-9, 170, sr. Linemen_Darin Neff, Byesville Meadowbrook, 6-4, 320, sr.; Zack Dickens, New Concord John Glenn, 5-11, 210, sr.; Koby Cool, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-10, 246, jr.; Zach Williams, Wintersville Indian Creek, 5-9, 220, jr.; Tyler Jenkins, Zanesville Maysville, 5-11, 205, jr.; Payton Henderson, Philo, 6-4, 245, sr.; Austin Lawrence, Lisbon Beaver, 6-3, 275, sr.; Darryl Solomon, Steubenville, 6-1, 250, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen_Damion Beall, Rayland Buckeye, 5-11, 165, sr.; Jabari Taylor, Wintersville Indian Creek, 5-11, 205, soph.; Jason Sims, Lisbon Beaver, 6-2, 285, sr.; Blake Stotts, Zanesville Maysville, 5-11, 250, sr. Linebackers_Jason Keys, Lisbon Beaver, 5-8, 140, jr.; Billy Eyer, Minerva, 6-4, 220, sr.; Will Love, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley, 5-9, 180, sr.; Zach Cole, Wintersville Indian Creek, 6-1, 210, jr.; Clay Mercer, Zanesville Maysville, 5-6, 135, sr.; Jalen McGhee, Steubenville, 6-0, 200, soph. Backs_Hunter Miles, Uhrichsville Claymont, 5-8, 144, jr.; Tristen Anderson, Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley, 5-8, 140, sr.; Lakota Redman, Philo, 5-10, 150, sr.

Special Mention

Lane Colvin, Byesville Meadowbrook; Ben Davis, Byesville Meadowbrook; TJ Love, Byesville Meadowbrook; Richard Ramage, Byesville Meadowbrook; Dalton Poland, Byesville Meadowbrook; Collin Mathers, New Concord John Glenn; Cole Larson, New Concord John Glenn; Ryan Morrow, Rayland Buckeye; Eric Banal, Rayland Buckeye Local; Brandon Panepucci, Rayland Buckeye Local; Logan Dehnart, Rayland Buckeye Local; Casey Turnbull, Warsaw River View; Leeland Lauvrey, Warsaw River View; Justice Avery, Uhrichsville Claymont; Brian Ruffini, Uhrichsville Claymont; Mitchell Ueltschy, Uhrichsville Claymont; Brady Cotsmire, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley; Alec Love, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley; Allija Lantzer, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley; Justin Martinelli, Gnadenhutten Indian Valley; Jordan Felgenhauer, Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley; Adam Kohler, Zoarville Tuscarawas Valley; Austyn Dozier, East Liverpool; Kade Reynolds, East Liverpool; Dalton Cornman, East Liverpool; Austin Mayfield, East Liverpool; Clayton Wilson, Richmond Edison; Mitchell Wells, Richmond Edison; Robert Daley, Richmond Edison; Collin Scott, Richmond Edison; Isaiah Pavlic, Wintersville Indian Creek; Robert Coppa, Wintesville Indian Creek; Mike Puorro, Wintersville Indian Creek; Christiani Getsey, Wintersville Indian Creek; Jonathan Dailey, Wintersville Indian Creek; Austin Lawrence, Lisbon Beaver; Colton Beckwith, Lisbon Beaver; Cody Riddle, Lisbon Beaver; Devon Zellers, Lisbon Beaver; Devin Ferguson, Steubenville; Pookie Petteway, Steubenville; Charles Reeves, Steubenville; Paul Runkle, Steubenville; Zane Zimish, Steubenville;


First Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks_Zach Bigelow, St. Clairsville, 5-10, 180, sr.; Lucas Dieffenbaugher, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 6-0, 190, sr. Backs_Travis Stenson, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-1, 175, jr.; Arjay Burress, Martins Ferry, 5-11, 198, jr.; Spencer Ware, Belmont Union Local, 5-9, 165, sr.; Dom Johns, Coshocton, 5-6, 190, sr. Ends_Malik Gummer, St. Clairsville, 5-9, 155, sr.; Kalub Mitchell, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-1, 160, sr. Linemen_Colton McKivitz, Belmont Union Local, 6-7, 275, sr.; Jonathan Bodkin, Martins Ferry, 5-8, 242, sr.; Haydn Lewis, St. Clairsville, 6-2, 250, jr.; Cody Tarman, Coshocton, 6-2, 240, sr.; Kalib McKenzie, Zanesville West Muskingum, 6-1, 260, sr. Kicker_Jacob Wagner, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 6-0, 180, jr.

DEFENSE: Linemen_Cody Beavers, Martins Ferry, 6-2, 235, sr.; Matt Barbour, Martins Ferry, 6-1, 232, jr.; Carson Ernest, St. Clairsville, 6-3, 315, jr. Linebackers_Bruce Burger, Martins Ferry, 5-11, 202, sr.; Tater Blake, Belmont Union Local, 5-8, 175, sr.; Jesse Ball, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-0, 220, soph.; Chris Schuler, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 5-6, 145, sr.; Michael Jacob, St. Clairsville, 5-10, 170, sr.; Brendan Ferns, St. Clairsville, 6-3, 220, jr.; Jake Stewart, St. Clairsville, 6-1, 195, jr. Backs_Brandon Mitchell, Cadiz Harrison Central, 5-11, 143, jr.; Dauton Freeman, St. Clairsville, 5-9, 150, sr.; J.C. Coleman, St. Clairsville, 6-1, 160, sr. Punter_Jack Fitch, Martins Ferry, 6-0, 162, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Dom Johns, Coshocton.

Defensive player of the year: Brendan Ferns, St. Clairsville.

Coach of the year: Jim Woodrum, Coshocton.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Quarterback_Andrew Mason, Coshocton, 6-2, 190, soph. Backs_Spencer McCrea, Coshocton, 5-10, 175, soph.; Jaden Gianettino, Zanesville West Muskingum, 5-8, 155, soph. Ends_Jake Barritt, Martins Ferry, 5-8, 158, sr.; Zach Michael, Coshocton, 5-8, 180. soph. Linemen_Zach Manbeck, Cadiz Harrison Central, 6-0, 215, sr.; Nick Bain, Martins Ferry, 6-1, 255, sr.; Mike Furbee, St. Clairsville, 5-10, 240, jr.; Jake Adlesic, Zanesville West Muskingum, 5-10, 205, sr. Kicker_Matt Greenwood, St. Clairsville, 5-11, 180, fresh.

DEFENSE: Linemen_Francesco Borsellino, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 6-2, 250, soph.; Drew McKenzie, Zanesville West Muskingum, 6-5, 180, soph. Linebackers_Bryce Coleman, Martins Ferry, 5-7, 176, sr. ; Andrew Hython, Martins Ferry, 6-0, 170, jr.; Anthony Risley, Cadiz Harrison Central, 5-10, 170, jr.; Brandon Murphy, Magnolia Sandy Valley, 5-11, 190, jr.; Jake Fortney, Coshocton, 6-0, 210, soph.; Dallas Griffiths, Coshocton, 6-1, 190, soph.; Cory Miller, Zanesville West Muskingum, 5-10, 170, sr.

Special Mention

Bryson Porter, Cadiz Harrison Central; Zach Arbogast, Cadiz Harrison Central; Brenton Stull, Cadiz Harrison Central; Mark Douglas, Martins Ferry; Brian Sadosky, Martins Ferry; James Edwards, Martins Ferry; Andrew Watts, Martins Ferry; T.J. Jacob, Martins Ferry; Cole Skaggs, St. Clairsville; Isaac Goodson, Belmont Union Local; Shane Smolenak, Belmont Union Local; Tanner Shaw, Coshocton; Nathan Leopard, Coshocton; Christian Redman, Coshocton; Chad Neisel, Magnolia Sandy Valley; Nelson Mozden, Magnolia Sandy Valley; Darren Finn, Magnolia Sandy Valley; Jaret Oliver, Magnolia Sandy Valley.


First Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks_R.J. Jacobs, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-0, 185, soph.; Caleb Tingle, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 5-9, 168, sr.; Terren Huck, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-10, 163, sr. Backs_Bril Dansby, Newcomerstown, 5-9, 187, sr.; Zach Donley, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 5-10, 187, sr.; Brandon Laughman, Bellaire, 5-8, 175, sr.; Levi Brown, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 5-5, 150, sr. Ends_Conner Troyer, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-0, 160, sr.; Ethan Slentz, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-7, 160, sr.; Gavin Morton, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 6-5, 175, sr.; Brok Cross, Hannibal River, 6-1, 180, sr. Linemen_Blake Feldner, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 6-2, 280, sr. ; Darnell Crider-Harris, Newcomerstown, 6-0, 232, sr.; Joel Honigford, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-5, 235, soph.; Kelly Barthalow, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 6-0, 290, sr.; Cody LaRoche, Bellaire, 6-1, 260, sr. Kicker_Colton Wright, Hannibal River, 6-1, 160, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen_Caide Bunfill, Barnesville, 6-0, 195, soph.; Austin Yackey, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-0, 235, sr.; Justin Kilburn, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 5-10, 260, jr. Linebackers_Dallas Foster, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-3, 205, jr.; Austin McConville, Bellaire, 6-0, 170, sr.; Kyle Pritchard, Newcomerstown, 5-9, 171, sr.; Cole Susac, Barnesville, 5-8, 185, jr.; Brice Hammond, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 5-10, 175, sr.; Dillan Shepler, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 6-10, 210, sr.; Clay Honigford, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-3, 205, sr. Backs_Dylan Little, Newcomerstown, 5-9, 140, jr.; Zach Jorris, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 5-10, 150, sr.; Justyn Keyser, Bellaire, 6-0, 160, soph. Punter_Hunter Westlake, Bellaire, 6-1, 195, sr.

Offensive player of the year: R.J. Jacobs, Sugarcreek Garaway.

Defensive player of the year: Dallas Foster, Sugarcreek Garaway.

Coach of the year: Jay Circosta, Woodsfield Monroe Central.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks_Jarett Hooper, Woodsfield Monroe Central, 5-9, 165, soph.; Matthew Burkhart, Barnesville, 6-1, 180, soph.; Joey Flannery, Hannibal River, 6-2, 175, jr. Backs_Michael Vanfossen, Sarahsville Shenandoah, 5-11, 190, jr.; Casey Lewis, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-10, 148, soph.; Austin Snodgrass, Old Washington Buckeye Trail, 5-7, 150, fresh. Ends_Collin Wilson, Barnesville, 5-7, 115, sr.; Quinn Miller, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-8, 150, soph.; Brady Carpenter, Beverly Fort Frye, 6-0, 163, soph.; Josh Werker, Sugarcreek Garaway, 6-0, 170, sr. Linemen_Ben Hostetler, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 5-11, 185, sr.; Mitchell Wells, Barnesville, 6-2, 275, sr.; Tyler Wittekind, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-10, 216, sr.; Tyler Faulk, Old Washington Buckeye Trail, 5-8, 220, jr.

DEFENSE: Linemen_Logan Castello, Barnesville, 6-1, 200, jr.; Anthony Winters, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-11, 200, jr.; Bryce Barbera, Newcomerstown, 6-2, 200, soph.; Jensen Shrock, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-11, 180, sr. Linebackers_Branden Close, Beverly Fort Frye, 5-8, 174, sr.; Levi Baker, Beverly Fort Frye 5-10, 183, sr.; Tristen King, Old Washington Buckeye Trail, 6-0, 210, jr.; Carter Streiff, Old Washington Buckeye Trail, 5-7, 150, soph.; Tucker Boreman, Sugarcreek Garaway, 5-10, 175, sr.; Dom Vinka, Bellaire, 5-8, 175, sr. Backs_Jamie Wells, Barnesville, 5-10, 165, sr.; Austin Zufelt, Newcomerstown, 6-1, 183, sr.; Jon Barker, West Lafayette Ridgewood, 5-10, 163, sr.

Special Mention

Dalton Cowgill, Sarahsville Shenandoah; David Freeman, Sarahsville Shenandoah; Josh Copley, Sarahsville Shenandoah; Joey Burkhart, Barnesville; Marcus McVey, Newcomerstown; Dillon Pointer, Old Washington Buckeye Trail;

Ty Hamsher, Sugarcreek Garaway; Jon Miller, Sugarcreek Garaway; Austin McKee, Sugarcreek Garaway; Ben Mullet, Sugarcreek Garaway; Gunnar Angel, Sugarcreek Garaway; Keith Leindecker, West Lafayette Ridgewood; Trent Harrison, West Lafayette Ridgewood; Nathaniel Thompson, West Lafayette Ridgewood; Jhett Slusser, West Lafayette Ridgewood; Cole Isaly, Hannibal River.


First Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks_Austin Dorris, Shadyside, 6-5, 230, sr.; Tanner Clark, Caldwell, 6-0, 180, jr.; Hunter Striker, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath., 6-0, 215, sr.; Tony Barber, Steubenville Cath., 56-10, 165, jr. Backs_Bricker Lori, Caldwell, 5-7, 190, jr.; Eric Howell, Shadyside, 6-2, 200, sr.; Travis Johnston, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 5-10, 180. soph.; Stone Romano, Steubenville Cath., 5-0, 210, sr.; Charles Ross III, Toronto, 5-9, 175, sr. Ends_Cade Cummings, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath., 6-2, 205, sr.; Max Fragasse, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath., 5-10, 150, sr.; Daniel Clifford, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 6-0, 165, sr. Linemen_Chance Rucker, Caldwell, 6-3, 280, jr.; Clay Poling, Caldwell, 5-11, 230, jr.; Jacob Spencer, Shadyside, 5-10, 285, sr.; Colton Campbell, Shadyside, 6-4, 265, sr.; Jared Heslop, Bridgeport, 6-1, 285, sr.; Gabe Skrobot, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 6-3, 215, jr. Kicker_Eric Dahmen, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath., 6-0, 170, jr.

DEFENSE: Linemen_Scott Hammond, Shadyside, 6-1, 185, sr.; Jesse Beckwith, Toronto, 6-4, 280, sr.; David Herman, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath., 6-0, 170, sr.; Christian Guy, Caldwell, 6-1, 265, sr. Linebackers_Sheldon Archer, Caldwell, 6-0, 200, soph.; Alex Milleman, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath., 6-3, 190, sr.; Stevie Doughty, Shadyside, 6-1, 175, jr.; Matt Krupa, Shadyside, 6-0, 185, sr.; Cody King, Toronto, 5-9, 170, jr.; Drew Lowery, Toronto, 5-11, 195, jr. Backs_Jason Allen, Caldwell, 5-7, 145, soph.; Bailey McGrath, Bridgeport, 5-7, 185, sr. ; John Fallon, Steubenville Cath., 5-10, 165, jr. Punter_Tanner Baker, Caldwell, 6-3, 215, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Austin Dorris, Shadyside.

Defensive player of the year: Scott Hammond, Shadyside.

Coach of the year: Eric Meek, Toronto.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Quarterbacks_Mitch Reynolds, New Matamoras Frontier, 6-0, 175, sr.; Chase Mercer, Beallsville, 5-9, 150, jr.; Chaice Truex, Bellaire St. John Central, 6-5, 245, sr. Backs_Bradley Pritchett, Bridgeport, 5-10, 160, sr.; Rodney Barnes, New Matamoras Frontier, 5-11, 175, sr. Ends_Mikey Palmer, Beallsville, 5-9, 150, sr.; Cameron Opic, Bellaire St. John Central, 5-9, 185, soph.; Luke Nardo, Shadyside, 5-10, 160, sr. Linemen_Lane Curtis, New Matamoras Frontier, 5-9, 210, sr.; Kyle Rine, Bellaire St. John Central, 6-0, 245, sr.; Zack Broadbent, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath., 6-4, 245, sr.; Jacob Fondriest, Strasburg, 6-2, 250, sr.; Adam Trebb, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans, 5-10, 245, jr.; Jake Karovic, Steubenville Cath., 6-2, 295, sr. Kicker_Danny Zdinak, Toronto, 5-10, 140, soph.

DEFENSE: Linemen_Nick Del Gallo, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath., 6-0, 180, sr.; Max Tice, Toronto, 5-10, 170, soph.; Austin Cobb, Caldwell, 5-10, 210, jr.; Eddie Zinn-Turner, Malvern, 6-4, 290, sr. Linebackers_Davon Boley, New Matamoras Frontier, 5-9, 170, sr.; Emilio Saldana, Bridgeport, 5-10, 155, soph.; Mason Campbell, Shadyside, 6-5, 225, jr.; Brandon Mitchell, Toronto, 5-9, 165, sr.; Cedro Parise, Steubenville Cath., 5-9, 160, jr. Backs_Nick Camino, New Matamoras Frontier, 6-0, 175, jr.; Logan Price, Shadyside, 6-1, 180, sr.; Adam Price, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath., 5-11, 160, sr.

Special Mention

Dalton Ivey, Caldwell; Jamieson Ackley, Caldwell; Caleb Heller, Caldwell; Jacob Ray, Bridgeport; Carlos Kusic, Bridgeport; Tyus Harris, Bridgeport; Ty Taylor, Bellaire St. John Central; Gregory Quinn, Shadyside; Logan Cline, Shadyside; Billy Johnson, Shadyside; Henry Vinci, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath.; John Burley, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath.; Trew Papuga, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath.; Beau Beamer, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath.; Austin Dick, New Philadelphia Tuscarawas Central Cath.; Jaret Majestic, Malvern; Austin Patterson, Malvern; Jalen Graves, Malvern; Jerry Brown, Malvern; Kenny Feister, Bowerston Conotton Valley; Nate Stewart, Toronto; Blaine Rawson, Toronto; Calvin Valentine, New Matamoras Frontier; Robbie LeFever, Steubenville Cath.; Chris Murphy, Steubenville Cath.; Seth Potenzini, Steubenville Cath.; Jacob Borden, Steubenville Cath.; Ty West, Toronto; Michael Fisher, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans; Vince Applegate, Zanesville Bishop Rosecrans.